As a condition precedent to admission to membership of , candidates for membership agree to abide by this code of ethics. Failure to maintain compliance herewith shall be cause for expulsion of any member, following due process as provided in the bylaws of the association. Your application received on-line and accepted by NACE certifies that you have read and agreed to this condition.


Membership Code of Ethics

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    NACE members work hard to deliver excellent events with the utmost professionalism. Dedication to keeping a consistent level of quality and standards contributes to strengthening the integrity of catering and event professionals. The following is THE CODE  all NACE members agree to upon joining:
    1. NACE Members will give respect to and uphold the laws of the land and the regulations that govern the catering and events industry.
    2. NACE Members will conduct business with customers and other members of the catering and event industry with a fair, honest and truthful approach.
    3. NACE Members will protect the confidentiality of information gained through working with others.
    4. NACE Members will conduct business on behalf of the association in accordance with the bylaws, policies and procedures of the organization.
    5. NACE Members will not use association positions or platforms to put forward personal views that are not aligned with the mission, vision and values of the association as outlined above.
    6. NACE Members will take responsibility for their conduct and strive to continually advance the mission, vision and values of the association and the catering and events industry.