One of the goals of the NACE National and the Las Vegas Chapter is to support our local communities through charitable efforts and volunteerism.  Our members have been generous throughout the years in providing donations of money, resources and time to a variety of local charities to help the community.


For 2018, the Board of Directors for NACE has updated our monthly fundraising efforts to include a portion donated to  our community service efforts.  Each month, when you purchase raffle tickets, 25% of proceeds go directly into the budget for the Community Service Committee to help fund our ongoing efforts to support the local community.


As part of our commitment to give back to the community, the Las Vegas Chapter of NACE supports a variety of local charities through fundraising efforts for donations as well as participation and donation of time and services.  We actively support Street Teens, Candlelighters, Strides Against Breast Canceer


S.T.R.E.E.T. is an acronym for our approach to helping homeless and at-risk teens. Las Vegas teens moved into a high risk street life over a period of time and rarely by their own choice. It takes time, resources, commitment and a personalized step by step approach to help them move off the streets.  

  • Survival: We provide immediate support to help them survive.
  • Trust: We build relationships based on mutual respect and trust.
  • Resources: We provide the resources they need.
  • Education: We provide education and opportunities to rebuild self-esteem.
  • Empowerment: We empower them to move forward. The Results.
  • They: become effective members of their communities.

Street Teens

As 80% of youth on the street does not have a safe home to return to, the goal is to supply hot meals and donations of supplies throughout the year to support these at risk youth.  The Las Vegas Chapter supports Street Teens throught the following activities:

  • Hot Food Deliveries:  Each month, members of the Las Vegas Chapter donate hot meals and desserts for the monthly dinner for Street Teens and will continue to donate throughout the year.  Donations this year include:

July - Susan Sherman - Margaritaville

  • Water Drive:  Each summer, we collect water for Street Teens.  During our hottest months it is even more essential to help collect water for the homeless youth in the valley.  The 2018 Bottled Water Drive will take place June through September.  During the May meeting, $200 was collected for bottled water donations.  To contribute, contact Kay Kolbo.




The Community Outreach Committee is always on the lookout for new initiatives for the association to get involved in. Please email any suggestions to the committee.

Similarly for fundraising, the commitee would love to hear any ideas you may have to help the Chapter raise funds. You can forward your suggestions to the committee.


Currently we have donated over 600 hot meals and desserts for the monthly dinner for Street Teens and will continue to donate throughout the year.  If you would like to donate a hot meal, dessert or other items to help the committees charities please contact

Donations to the community by the following NACE Las Vegas Members!

November 2015
NACE member Helen Edell of Alligator Soup donates more than 300 cards to Street Teens organization so that they may use them during the holiday season.
NACE Las Vegas Chapter Gala event takes place and Candlelighters annual toy drive raises funds and toy donation to give a total of 40 toys for the children in need.
43 pairs of pants for men and women and a full tuxedo donated by Community Service Committee member Michelle Parsons of Tuxedo Junction to Hero School. An organization that assists the homeless with an educational program to get them to be self sufficient, working and sheltered.
December 2015
Annual Coat Drive for Street Teens. The Las Vegas Chapter donated gift cards, coats, hats, scarves, sleeping bags, under garments, canned goods and bottled beverages for the homeless youth with the necessities they need in the cold weather months.
Member Helen Edell of Alligator Soup also donated a holiday tree for the center to enjoy this holiday season.
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 Thank you to those who have donated to the community through the Las Vegas Chapter of NACE.