Scholarship Information


The mission of NACE is to provide opportunities for members to learn about current trends in the hospitality industry to assist in growth and development of their business and careers.  Educational opportunities are available in monthly meetings, webinars, and the annual NACE Experience Conference.

Experience! Scholarship

As part of the goal to promote continuing education and to reward members who contribute to the success of the the local Chapter, scholarships are provided to attend the annual Experience! Conference.  Scholarship applications are issued each January for current members, with funds to support registration to attend.  Members in good standing for at least one year are eligible to apply for scholarship funds.  Points are awarded based on the following criteria:

  • Short answer providing the motivation for attending Experience, impact of NACE membership, and attendance to previous conferences.
  • Supporting information for contributions to the local chapter including:
    • Attendance for monthly meetings
    • Contribution of raffle prizes and silent auction items
    • Participation and support of Community Service
    • Donation of products, service, or venue for monthly meetings
  • Number of years as a NACE Member
  • Participation as a member of a committee, appointment to the Board of Directors, Elected Executive Board Position for the local chapter
  • Support of NACE National through participation on a committee

Each year, the Board of Directors designates a portion of the chapter's annual budget to be allocated to the scholarship funds.  The number of scholarships awarded is based on total number of applicants, eligibility, and funds available.