2018 Chapter Elections


The Las Vegas Chapter elects the Board of Directors annually and the Executive Board Bi-Annually.  The Board of Directors is comprised of members who assist in planning our monthly programs, fundraising, community outreach, and promoting our industry.  In 2018, the Las Vegas Chapter will begin electing the Directors, which were previously appointed positions.  For information on the eligibility, roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors, please visit the job descriptions below.



Presiding over the Board of Directors if the Executive Board which is comprised of the Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President(s), President and Immediate Past President.  These individuals help guide the organization and represent the Las Vegas Chapter on the National Level.  The Immediate Past President is not elected as this is a transitional position that the president takes to assist the incoming Board of Directors and Executive Board.


The current timeline for nominations is being refined with exact dates and details.  Please utilize the following outline as a guide and contact one of the Board of Directors if interested in being nominated for a position.

  • July:  Position information will be available to review
  • August:  Nominations are open for chapter positions
  • September:  Nominations close 
  • September:  Nominees are announced on the Las Vegas Chapter Website
  • October 15:  Elections are hosted via email ballots to members (direct email)
  • October 19:  Elections close at 5:00 PM.
  • November Installation - Date to be Determined.


Professional Members of the Las Vegas NACE Chapter may nominate themselves or by other members to run for positions for the Board of Directors and Executive Board.  Nominees must meet the minimum requirements of the position to be eligible to be considered.  Please refer to the position links above for more information.  Members will be emailed a nomination ballot and have access to the ballot in the login area of the website to submit their nominations.

Candidates for the positions will submit a brief bio and their experience with NACE for members to review on the NACE website.


Elections ballots will be mailed to the membership on October 15 as well as be available on the website as an online form.  All professional members are eligible to provide one vote for the list of candidates.


The nomination and election process is presided over by the Immediate Past President, unless this person is running for a position on the Board of Directors.  Should there be a contested election, appointed judges will review the final results to confirm the final outcome.